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Our History

R.M.S. Aquaculture began as a fish farm on April 1st 1984. The company was started by Steven Zarzeczny, Robert Knyszek, and Michael D'Aversa, who had started breeding a wide variety of fish and then selling them to wholesalers and pet stores. After 3 1/2 years of breeding tropical fish, the partners decided to transform the company into a retail establishment. They worked long and hard to upgrade the dilapidated greenhouse where they had bred fish. R.M.S. opened in Berea, Ohio in July 1987. The low prices, large inventory, unique setup, and friendly expert service, contributed to the store's popularity.

The company grew, and in November 1989, the company became "R.M.S Aquaculture Incorporated".

In March 1992, the original store located in Berea, Ohio was relocated to the current 16,000 sq. ft. superstore in Middleburg Heights, Ohio.